So if you’ve been keeping up for the recent months, GR has made some promises we have decided to follow-up on. We have had numerous tracklistings, and recorded many songs….but we decided if we were going to do this, we wanted to do it right.

We are finally putting together details, and artwork, and finalizing songs for our first physical release. We have thrown out some old and added some new.

With Michelle Bell leading the visual journey and us kids taking care of the rest, we can finally say it’s really happening. I won’t bore you with official details, because I dont want to break anymore promises. But, expect energy. It’s what we do. In the mean time enjoy some newly free downloads HERE. We love you!



So Monday me and “The Kid” wake up to the news that our beloved “Lair” has flooded. We were at least as freaked out as you are. The good news is….there seems to be no damage. Luckily I retrieved my laptop, external drive and mixer before the freak occurence keeping our new recordings safe. That’s right. In the coming months you will witness the release of a new E.P. by us kids. Keep your eyes and ears open.
-twitaj (GR)

Quite the month.
Terrible birthdays, Awesome Shows, Dudes Getting Married.

First off,
New Orleans Indie Rock Fest III

This is a show to miss you are not. FREE compilation CD for attending. We’ll be on it along with many other New Orleans-based artists to tickle your fancy. GR in your car.

GR in your H-Town

Thank you Houston for all of the love. This fall’s Westheimer Block Party was dope.
We’ll be back soon.

-GR ❤

Hey everyone Toy Story 1 and 2 are in 3-D right now. Also, GR is having some fun tonight. But not literally tonight. Come see us at the Circle Bar on the 14th, Cate St. Pub on the 21st, and Cate Sq. Park (FREE) on the 25th. Also, mark you calendars, cuz NOIRC Festival is coming up Nov. 20th. It gonna be zoppity.

in case you missed it check below
Please come visit us at 2 ALL AGES shows this weekend. Check here for details.

Dragons on your SCREEN!

September 18, 2009

This past Tues. Gamma Ringo joined Chris Rehm and Female Demand in a demolition of the Dragon’s Den (note that the Den still stands, I only meant that it was fun). Our good friends from Downstairs Doodle decided to capture the celebration on video while Chris recorded some audio to sync with that badboy. Check all of these bands out and support them. In the meantime, you may wait anxiously for the footage and we will let you know when it arrives. It’s sure to be as great as Sun Hotel’s “Plantation Land” tripper.

It’s Raining. I’m sad.

September 10, 2009

I was ambitious this morning, to soon be recording.
But shit started falling, now I’m stuck here balling.
But soon the tunes come, like a ladder has rungs.
So get ready vandals, it’s ’bout to be fun!

This ain’t no realllllll zzzzong. But seriously, we’re working with “diligence” to finish up this E.P. fo sale. And ps….we already have new ideas a brewin’. Stik ROUNd!

-t wit a j

Hey everybody,
I’m sorry that we’re terrible people who don’t update their blog, but I have news! We have just put up two songs from our upcoming EP (release date pending). Check them out at http://myspace.com/gammaringo. We hope you enjoy these. They sound really energetic and fun and we recorded them in a one-room apartment with terrible acoustics, so they should be the best thing we ever do, right? Anyway dig it at myspace and keep up with us, because there is no slowing down. We only have new things on the way, so check us out at our upcoming shows. It gonna be zoppity!
-t wit a j

AfterPart 3: Bulbasaur

August 21, 2009

SATURDAY: Notsuoh w/ The Handshake and Mojo Method

We woke up after a night of video games and cold ass-whippings to shove off once again. After having so many problems with stuff falling apart before playing shows, finding missing cables, and finding newly broken cables, we decided a trip to Guitar Center would be a good solution to our problems.

We set off on our way to Houston, where I was then introduced to “Sex Style” by Kool Keith, and finally heard the highly anticipated “Yellowhouse” from Grizzly Bear (this built up all weeken
d, and I chilled my ass off to that entire album. Good stuff).

After a much needed conscious nap, we arrived in H-town and checked out Guitar Center (bust), searched like a crazy person for the book I was looking for (“Beatlesongs”), and met a cool fool at Borders.

A lot of stuff happened that isn’t very important, so I don’t want to bog you down with story. We arrived at
at our destination, met our Mojo buddies, some guy tried to rip us off with some parking scam, ate some Subway, Soup told Method about his master-plan of joining the Mojo-mobile and Blue (the truck) to form a super-sleep fort, and were let into Notsuoh (teachers hate run-ons).

The venue finally let us in, where we kicked-off an unofficial foosball tournament (Ross and Devin are masters?). We caught up with some band biz and kicked back while Kyle put on some brand new strings (remember this for later).

The rest of this story was lost. sorry

“Represent what? My Nuts!” ~ Kool Keithrest o

PART 2: Charmander

August 2, 2009

FRIDAY: Tubing/Whizzerville Hall

Soup has suggested that this day should take it’s own part in our 3 part minseries of blogs, so here it goes….

We woke up at about 9:45, I woke up a bit sooner, and hit the road with John-Mark and Brian Fantana to pick up JM in the AM’s lady. After finding out some disturbing details about Catie’s cat-eating dogs, we headed over to Landa Falls. Landa Falls is where we ended up tubing for the next few hours, but the place only had one fall (which proved to be dangerous – R.I.P. Brian’s glasses and faith in fun).
Apparently the people who invented tubing decided to put the biggest, fastest, and funnest (yeah I said it) chute in the river first. It was freakin’ sweet. But sadly most of us managed to miss the next chute and fell down a waterfall instead. This is where the glasses bit it.
The rest of our tubing experience brought to light that JM doesn’t like Weezer, hates the Pixies, and would pay to see Cake, but only a little.
After getting sun-burned and foot-burned, we got something to eat and headed back to our temporary home.

So since this band has begun to play shorter, and more ass-kicking sets, we devised the plan that I would do some solo TJ acoustic songs, followed by JM, then GR for the show that night.
I began practicing some solo/future GR/new songs for the show. I know how to whip together a 28 minute acoustic set. Oh yeah…..
(Clip Missing)
Now, it’s twenty minutes after we started driving. We are in the middle of nowhere.
(Clip Missing)
We arrived at Whizzerville Hall, which happens to be the most Texas place in Texas that Texas ever wanted Texas to be like…..Texas. This place is decked out with liscence plates lining the stage. Picks of John Travolta on the wall (wearing a cowboy hat….thank you Urban Cowboy).
We started to load in, and realized that there are PA speakers, but no speaker cable, mics, amps, etc. We knock down some delicious pizza while Mr. JM makes a call and his buddy brings all of the stuff we need….. except an amp (not his fault though). So the owner makes a call, and another 30 minutes later he brings an amp, which happens to be a 65 watt Pevey combo amp. Needless to say, things were not running too smooth.
To keep this from becoming 12 pages, I’ll say that JM played a semi-acoustic set, while singing loudly with no PA. We did the same, butchering the songs you know and love. I guess the people that caught this were either blessed or cursed. They the heard the first ever GR semi-acoustic set with taped drums, and Soup on guitar. It was pretty silly. But, in the end everthing worked out. We sold a few tees, got paid (I’ll never tell), and made it home safe from vampire-city. Or least we thought so….
(Clip missing – ride home)
After getting back to our safehouse, I grabbed some floor, but Patrick (JM’s roommate) wanted us to check out some gamies. Since everyone else was in, my tiredness has died. I tried and sucked at Geometry Wars. So handed it over to Soup. They played for a bit, and switched to some ridiculous Ninja game, so I got bored and stole Soup’s couch.
(Clip Missing)
I awoke to a fat, most-likely drunk chick beating the mess out of me with a frozen bag of peas while I was asleep on my face. I had no urge to move, and couldn’t bring myself up. She continually hit me as her stupid friend said, “It’s just John-Mark.” I yelled, “I’m not John-Mark! Stop Hitting Me!” After being mauled by a bag of peas and ignored, I tried to go back to sleep as the stupid fat chick said, “That’s what you get for going to sleep early, Mother******…..”
It was 3 AM. I hate stupid people. I will never sleep the same again.